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     In a journalism career spanning four decades, Will Higgins has covered a variety of unusual people and events, including the war in Iraq, Ku Klux Klan rallies in the heartland, the history of professional wrestling, the life of one of the midwest’s youngest and most successful pimps, massive rat infestations in homeless camps caused by good-hearted people trying to help, a two-foot tall Chinese man who became a small town’s richest citizen, Indianapolis’ problem with vomit-covered sidewalks and that time in the 1980s when a whole bunch of Indy 500 race drivers were dealing dope.


Higgins discovered the source of the FBI’s dead-serious and years-long investigation into the supposedly dirty lyrics to the pop song “Louie Louie.” 


He invented the fast-growing sport of Linear Bocce and serves as commissioner of the American Association of Linear Bocce.


He also makes the occasional art installation, such as the “American Society of Presidential Urine Collectors” exhibit that has been shown at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art and at the Provincial art gallery in northern Michigan. 

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