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"This tour totally exceeded my expectations, on many fronts. Not your typical tour... hidden gems, twisted stories. Gave me a whole new appreciation of Indy. Whether you are from out of town or from Indianapolis, this is a great tour and you will learn lots about Indy that you would have never known. Will does a fantastic job of engaging the group! "

                                                                                                                    Julie Dunn, Cardiac Sonographer                                   

"Will Higgins’ Tours opens your eyes to the once dark, seamy and sometimes comical criminal history of our Indianapolis. Indianapolis isn’t unique -- every village, town and city has the stories no one wants to talk about. With Will’s well-researched (he was a newspaper reporter) narrative you’ll learn a lot and get those valuable walking steps you need."

David L. Shank, APR, Ret.

"The most enjoyable path to experiencing Indianapolis’ little known, quirky and sometimes sinister past is Will Higgins’ downtown walking tour. Who knew retracing the dark footsteps of Tony Kiritsis, Jim Jones, and D.C. Stephenson could be so much fun?! Will is one great storyteller, and his unique take on history makes his tour pure joy.”

Janis Thornton, journalist and author

"Regardless of what you know or don’t know about the historical past of Indianapolis, you will find yourself enthralled with the underbelly tidbits you glean in a tour with Will Higgins. Higgins' revelations are proof there is a story behind everything. (Oh, and the tours typically have a relaxing ending with a stop for a beverage of choice—in my case a craft beer.)"

Michael Arnolt, former journalist and business executive


"Our city harbors secrets, and Will Higgins knows them like nobody else! Walk the streets of Indianapolis with Will and go home with a head full of quirky details about the history of Indianapolis that lies hidden behind familiar facades."


Georgia Cravey, historical researcher


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Photo by David L. Shank. © 2019, all rights reserved

Photo by David L. Shank. © 2019, all rights reserved

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